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Unlocking the Secrets to Safeguarding Yourself While Walking Your Furry Companion

On March 30th, take the opportunity to celebrate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your furry companion. To ensure that you have nothing but an enjoyable time, be sure to stay alert for any possible hazards during your outdoor stroll. Keep watchful eyes out for these few issues when taking your pet on their next walk!


#1: Other dogs

With the risk of a hazardous situation, it is important to be extra vigilant when walking your dog in public. Even if other dogs look friendly, they may come too close for comfort and cause your pup to become defensive. To prevent any potential issues from arising, pay attention to your pet’s body language and take care not to venture into parks during peak hours where you are likely faced with an overabundance of canines. This way, both you and your furry companion remain safe!


#2: Traffic

As you stroll to the park, stay alert for any passing cars, bicycles, or pedestrians. Keeping your pet close will also prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening. A runaway pooch on an unlocked retractable leash may be hazardous as it can dart into traffic, trip up a cyclist with its lead or even wrap around unsuspecting passersby. Moreover, if Fido chases after a squirrel and yanks his lead too hard then there is the possibility that it might snap due to overstrain!


#3: Parasites

Parks are the perfect playground for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites – not to mention their favorite victims. Don’t let them ruin your pet’s day! Ensure that you maintain year-round preventive measures against these pests and always thoroughly inspect from nose to tail when coming back home after a day out in nature.


#4: Wildlife

As your pup gallivants around the park, they will likely discover hidden wildlife abodes: nests and resting places. Although most wild critters may flee when people or pets approach, some might become aggressive in order to guard their offspring, food source, or home. Furthermore, these creatures are common hosts of diseases and parasites so it is best not to disturb them.


Keep your beloved pet safe and healthy the next time you take them outside by scheduling a preventive care appointment with us! Our team is ready to help protect your furry friend from dangerous parasites and infectious diseases. Get in touch now to make an appointment for their wellness checkup.

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